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Foxxol Lubricant Additives

A wide range of high-performance lubricant additives designed to enhance the properties of lubricants. From viscosity modifiers to anti-wear additives, our portfolio includes additives that cater to the automotive, industrial, and specialty lubricant markets. Whether customer is looking for solutions to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, or extend the life of machinery, we have the additives to meet the requirement.

Mexon Lubricants

Why chose Mexon lubricants instead of others? Because it’s difficult to chose the right product with better quality and also give the guarantee of quality products and value for money. Mexon lubricants ensures heavy durable intact product packaging, competitive price, maximize oil drain interval and after- sales services.

Igreen Thai Soap

Indulge in the exotic beauty secrets of Thailand with Igreen Thai Soap, crafted with a blend of traditional ingredients renowned for their rejuvenating properties. Enriched with the essence of Thai herbs, fruits, and botanical extracts, this soap promises a luxurious bathing experience that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and irresistibly smooth.

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