About Us



Ovanix serves as a marketing channel in three primary areas: agricultural wholegood exports, agricultural component imports and automotive OEM and aftermarket product imports. Founded in 1983 by Emar, of Ovanix International Ltd. Thailand, our focus is on providing specific agricultural and automotive components and equipment for export and import to the international and South Asian and Indian markets.

Our staff consists of salespeople, engineers, logistics specialists, linguists, technicians, copywriters, and accountants who specialize in the introduction and implementation of our products. In addtion to the sale, our staff routinely performs extended services in both the international and domestic markets. With our full-service warehouse centrally located in Bangkok, Thailand, products can be shipped to any destination.

Ovanix is committed to meeting the needs of each market it serves. As we move forward, we strive to provide solutions to the new challenges met by our customers; manufacturers, distributors and dealers. In addition, we will continue to provide our customers with the newest developments in agricultural component imports and automotive OEM and aftermarket products.