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ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is working hard on setting & updating test methods so industries can control quality of their products.

Here is the list of usually performed tests (with ASTM testing method) for testing Lube oil:

1. Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D445)

2. Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D445)

3. Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)

4. Pour Point, °C (ASTM D97)

5. Flash Point, °C (ASTM D92)

6. Density @ 15C, Relative (ASTM D4052)

7. TBN (ASTM D 974,4739)

8. Carbon Residue (ASTM D 189)




Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Product Description

Kinematic Viscosity Bath AS PER , Viscosity Bath (IP71) for the temperature of 40 degree and 100 degree and also refrigerated upto -35 degree C.:Kinematic viscosity Bath as per ASTM with temp. Range room temp. to 150 deg C along with temp. accuracy +/- 0.1 degree centigrade to accommodate 5 viscometer at a time along with Viscometer holder. It consist illumination facility for better visibility. The stirrer is for better uniformity throughout the chamber. Temp. controlled by thyristor drive temp. indicator cum controller.








Heat Deflection And Vicat Softening Temperature

Product Description

This Instrument is in according to V-TECH D 1525 for VSP 648 for HDT BS, DIN, ISO, ISI according to customer’s required specification

  • Temperature gradient corresponding 50°c/hr, 120°c/hr or free programmable
  • Start temperature free programmable
  • Displacement measuring by vibration free Digital dial gauges accuracy of ±0.01mm
  • At the same time user conduct test of VSP or HDT
  • Sample thickness 2-12 mm
  • With high power cooling system. Re-cooling time from 200°c to ambient temperature in approx 30-45minutes
  • With help of cooling facility user can start new test immediately
  • Bath construction made by inside SS and outside MS with insulation
  • Stirring facility is used for uniform temperature

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Digital Density Meter

Product Description

  1. Simple and Affordable
  2. Intelligently Intuitive
  3. Accurate by Design
  4. Green, Go. Red, Stop.
  5. Say Goodbye to Your Pen
  6. Optimize Your Process Control
  7. SimpleCheck™ Standards
  8. 8.  EasyPlus Density Accessories